Put your radio resume & aircheck on CD.

Applying for a job? Make a great first impression. Quick flash technology allows your audition to be seen and heard as soon as it loads. It's colorful and hi-tech and sure to be remembered.

An innovative way to package your audition. Great new way to apply for a job. Sharp, clear graphics combined with high quality audio on an interactive CD.

Simply put the disc in the PC and navigate with a simple click of the mouse. No long wait while online files load. Available anytime.

You don't have to worry about your printed resume or photo getting separated since it's all together with your actual audition mp3 on one CD. Plus, all necessary software needed to play your audition is included on the CD. Nothing to install.

Send your demo and resume on a CD disc.

Don't wait until the last minute to put together your resume package. Have your CD ready to mail as soon as you get that call. All the information your employer needs when they see and listen to your radio audition CD.

 Send CD Aircheck Resume with Flash

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Your Resume and Radio Audition on a CD

Your photo, resume and audition on one CD in a flash format.


Apply for a radio job with your audition, resume and photo on an interactive CD.



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